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Light lycopodium powder

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Commercially gathered in the summer months in China the fine, yellowish powder spores are retrieved by shaking the renal-shaped capsules borne on the small evergreens. Clubmoss spores are considered to have medicinal properties and for years were used in dusting powders formulated to treat conditions such as eczema, intertrigo, herpes, and ulcers. In times past, pharmacist would place the water repellent powdered spores into pillboxes to keep the contents from adhering to each other.

Quantity: 30MT
Packaging: 25kg/Paper bucket

1. The content of the particles which don't sieve with size 0.16 mm
2. The product couldn't content any admixture
3. Product in water could be on surface
4. Humidity could be not more than 6%
5. Ashes could be not more than 0.1%
6. In 10% HCI could dissolve.

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